Now that the gallery has been online for a few years, I have decided to update it, and more photos will be added in due course. Initially, the principal change will be to use a proprietary content management system, in place of the relatively basic, custom built system in use up till now. Ultimately, this will allow for additional features, such as comments, but will not initially make a great difference to the content.

The URLs of the individual photos and categories will change, so some old bookmarked links may not work. I will try to address this problem as far as possible, but it maybe that you will land on the home page, and will need to re-bookmark individual photos.

Update 30 December 2012 - The styling of the site is ongoing, as well as new features, etc. The URLs are still not finalised, as I am currently testing a proprietary gallery system. 

Nigel Frampton

1 December 2012